This year we went from an 18' boat to a 27' boat. My first thought was that "a boat is a boat" and I could handle anything. I could not have been more wrong. My daughter found out about Capt'n Sue and suggested that my wife and I take lessons from her. Swallowing my male pride, I contacted her. That decision has made all the difference. Sue has a gentle, fun way of imparting her boating knowledge and experience, as well as removing all the doubts and fears I had in my boat handling ability. I highly recommend that anyone just getting into boating or moving up in boat size contact Sue and learn from a "master". This was definitely a great investment in our future boating satisfaction and enjoyment. And besides, the lessons are far less costly than the damage we could have incurred from our lack of knowledge.

          Randy K.

Moving up to a larger boat was somewhat overwhelming, so I need to learn many new things, like tying lines, maneuvering, and docking.  As a woman I wanted to know how to drive our 27 foot boat, so my husband could rely on my help. Sue taught me how to handle our boat in many different situations, by practicing the techniques of getting on plane, adjusting the trim tabs, docking, pivoting, using the VHF radio.  Capt'n Sue was a fantastic teacher and I now feel confident about my boating skills. I would recommend that women take a boating course, even though they don't plan on driving their boat. You really need to know how to pilot your boat in case of an emergency, but why not have some fun and drive it too!

          Valarie K.