"No Pulse" a 37' Sea Ray

No Pulse - Lake Macatawa No Pulse - Holland Channel
What's the meaning behind the name?

Well let me tell you, in boating it's all about the name. Sometimes it takes months, even years to come up with the perfect boat name. They usually are a play on words, with some type of personal meaning, in reference to:  your family name, children, profession, hobby and quite often, the water.

Our name... the story behind it will make you laugh especially when we tell you the dinghy name, but you'll have to wait, these tidbits of information are part of our pre-cruise spiel so grab a few friends, and come aboard.

Our boat is a 37 foot (length) Sea Ray Sundancer. She has a wide 12.7 foot beam (width) assuring a steady, smooth and comfortable ride. No Pulse is impeccably clean & in excellent condition. The cockpit provides ample seating for the entire group, passengers are welcome to move about the boat during the excursion. Safety aboard the vessel is primary. She is thoroughly inspected by the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources and fully equipped with all safety equipment required by the U.S. Coast Guard.